Andres Avré's works are accumulations of materials and masses; artefacts of thinking and doing, an attempt to locate poetry in the relationships, combinations and interactions between materials and physical elements.

Materialia 2019


World looked - canvas 90X90 cm - collection 2019

Monitors 2018
Monitors 2018

Elementi Rarefatti 2020

Andrés Avré's paintings are developed through a process of overlapping, changing and transforming, in an organic accumulation of layers, images and previous tones that emerge and disappear, revealing the archeology of the past. 

The meaning of his works lies in this vital contradiction: to create images for the mass society that mimic his lexicon of uniformity and its palimpsest of alignments and textures, but which then reveal a pulsating nature. The flat or "united" colors can be glimpsed at a glance, whereas a worked color requires a slow and patient look.

the different pace

each time you look I want there to be something more than before

earthly elegance

in the mixture of earthy colors lies the continuous presence of the Langa hills.

Refined minimalism

perfect and imperfect

Andrés Avré believe in the imperfect line, believe in the uncertainty of painting, in the asymmetrical and the beauty of imperfection. 

a place to share

Andres Avré's paintings express the sum of different interests explored over the years: history, archeology, decoration, suggestions derived from the natural landscape. They aim to communicate an aesthetic and psychological experience of time through stratified, crumbled, faded, eroded surfaces; to continually evoke the transformation of matter.

Andrés' gallery is located in an ancient house in the centre of Monforte d'Alba, an ancient Italian village in southern Piedmont, a perfect place to explore of the transformations of time in the architectural space. He works in an urban style in line with his contemporary artistic influences.

The artist explores the subject's relationship with his ability to suggest and refer to the original inspiration. He designs his paintings as accumulations of materials. Any incident or unexpected event that occurs during creation becomes part of the overall effect. Andrés tends to animate the pictorial space in a suspended universe, between freedom and division, density and commitment. By proceeding directly and spontaneously, he wishes to provoke a reaction on the part of the spectator. Scratched, scraped, burned, stained and smoothed ... his works celebrate the aesthetics of imperfection.

The artist draws inspiration from nature, archaeology, geography and physics. Abstract and pure, his compositions are a poetic metaphor for the change and transformation of society. They are silent witnesses of a changing world.

         A N D R É S    A V R É