A N D R É S    A V R É

 Connections, conversations, interactions

 My style is mainly influenced by the concept of stratification. I use layers as a metaphor for life. I My art aims to connect to unconscious narratives, alternates between harmony and melancholy, My works are stories and memories, traces of another time and place. It is here that the work finds its tone of voice, a contemplative space, borns with hidden sign of symbolism, played with the oxymoron overexposed lights and deep alternative shadows.


Andrés Avré was born in Turin in 1966 is a prolific and energetic self-taught painter, with a growing profile of personal and collective exhibitions. It tends to be expressed through the informal and its main cultural reference is American abstract expressionism. His creative process is stimulated by observation and interest in the transformation of matter, born from the obsession with the continuous becoming to which everything is subject: things, people, relationships between them. Avré's work is a deep excavation, a dissection of the emotional process between soul and sight. He does not want viewers to see forms in his works, but "The form" of his work, his abstract essence, to then immerse himself in his version, in his experience, in his story. His works create an energy that involves and intrigues, energy that invites us to interpret colors, signs and inner emotions. Avré's main objective is therefore reflection on several levels: it integrates the here and now with the unknown, in relation to the past, space or time, questioning what is or what could have been. Accumulation, the becoming that creates, modifies, stratifies matter and every vital experience, are fundamental themes of his poetics which also become his modus operandi, his expressive figure. Some of his works reach the end of the creative process only after alternating phases of rest and elaboration, through multiple processes (polishing, removing stains, covering and washing, sealing, scratching). He uses multiple sources of inspiration, which derive from his interest in the relationship between history, archeology and science, passions that feed his work and continue to support his practice. Not being tied to a certain style, he never limits his experience: his paintings, which often represent abstract concepts, are instead extremely "material", real and concrete, a possible and vital oxymoron that becomes perception in the viewer, allowing him to exchange visually with its ability to reflect symbols and meanings.

Andrés Avré welcomes visitors to his studio "Temporary Forge" in Monforte d'Alba (Italy) via Marconi 23 on weekends or by appointment.

Temporary forge art studio

Monforte d'Alba Piedmont Italy 

About me

Avré believes in the beauty of imperfection, believes that the work of art, like life, is the complex result of accumulations, overlapping layers and sudden lacerations. Elements that each of us is called to guard and interpret.


My studio "Temporary Forge" is located in Monforte d'Alba, small ancient village in Italy, in the "Langhe" Unesco area.
Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 23 Monforte D'Alba

sabato 9.30 - 18.00 domenica 09.30 - 18.00


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